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Recent Changes

Holotrek takes place in a universe not entirely dissimilar to the one we're familiar with in Star Trek: The Next Generation; in general, the events of this show and the subsequent feature films (barring Nemesis and Star Trek XI) are highly regarded as canon. The Gamma Quadrant was discovered, the Dominion War was fought, the Delta Quadrant partially explored, though not in the ways that we are familiar with.

The current state of the galaxy is uneasy: For years, the Klingons has been dominating the Cardassian Union, bracketing the Federation on both sides and war is but a declaration away. The Romulans watch with faint interest while they fortify their own positions, anticipating the conflict. And the whole while, the silent threat of the galaxy-spanning O'oare had been looming over the two quadrants like a shadow.

Until 2393.

The O'oare came out of the shadows and attacked simultaneously the suns of Earth, ch'Rihan/ch'Havran and Qo'nos, transforming them into black hole and making life on those planets impossible. Many souls were lost during the ensuing battles and the almost desperate evacuations of those core worlds of their respective empires.

Now, it is the early 2400s and while the war is still going on, the UFP, RSE and KE have forged something of an alliance, forced to take that step to protect themselves against new attacks. However, the Tellarites and the Andorians have left the UFP and other member worlds are thinking of following them.

Earth, ch'Rihan, ch'Havran and Qo'nos have become inhabitable. Vulcan and Elhieuue have taken the place of the Federation and Rihannsu core world respectively, while the Klingon administrative homeworld has remained untouched.

The heart of the alliance has been placed at Hellesport, an independently owned space station that is now governed jointly by the three empires. The crew is comprised of members of these three powers and work together to create something of a safe haven for refugees, merchants, diplomats...

It is into this situation that our new players enter, background volunteers on the station who come into the foreground like new characters on the show; faceless extras who suddenly find importance in the grand scheme.

Welcome to Holotrek.

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Current Date
  • Stardate 20170124.0159
  • UFP: March 13, 2415
  • RSE: 8-5-Water, 1930
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