Starfleet Marine Corps Ranks and Uniforms

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Starfleet Marine Corps Ranks

Ranks in the Starfleet Marine Corps follow the ranks in the United States Marine Corps.

On their duty uniforms, personnel will wear their rank insignia on the right side (from the wearer's perspective) of the wearer's upper chest - specifically, on the lower left side of their uniforms's right 'shoulder-piece.' In the case of enlisted personnel, larger rank insignia are displayed on the upper part of the left and right uniform sleeves.

For dress uniforms, enlisted personnel retain the same style of insignia, but officers use small epaulette-style rank insignia on both shoulders.

Enlisted Ranks

Grade Rank Rank Insignia 2400 Rank Insignia 2375
E1 Private Private Private
E2 Private First Class Private First Class Private First Class
E3 Lance Corporal Lance Corporal Lance Corporal
E4 Corporal Corporal Corporal
E5 Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant
E6 Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant
E7 Gunnery Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant
E8 Master Sergeant Master Sergeant Master Sergeant
E9 Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Sergeant Major

Officer Ranks

Grade Rank Rank Insignia 2400 Rank Insigna 2375
O1 Officer Cadet Officer Cadet Officer Cadet
O1 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant
O2 1st Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant
O3 Captain Captain Captain
O4 Major Major Major
O5 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
O6 Colonel Colonel Colonel

Flag Officer Ranks

Grade Rank Rank Insignia 2400 Rank Insignia 2375
O7 Brigadier General Brigadier General Brigadier General
O8 Major General Major General Major General
O9 Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Lieutenant General
O10 General General General

Starfleet Marine Corps Uniforms





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